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Athletics is held in the first and last term. In the first term we have Inter House Athletics, where the learners qualify to be part of the athletics team. Other athletes may also attend practises in order to improve. The school team participates at the Inter School Athletics Championships, where athletes stand to qualify for the Germiston team and even the Gauteng Championships. Our athletes are required to play by the rules, show pride in their school and be respectful to their competitors. We hope you will join us for the fun and excitement of the Athletics Season.

Mrs F Helwick

Congratulations to our athletes advancing to D17 inter-schools:

Chess edenglen

Chess runs through term 1, 2 and 3 at Edenglen Primary and each player plays for points throughout, which allows us to determine how they are progressing.

Chess takes place on Monday afternoons in the Auditorium from 14h00 to 15h00.

Mrs T Low

Chess Edenglen primary

Senior and Junior Choir

Edenglen Senior School Choirs mission is to make a contribution towards the cultural development of its members and cultural enrichment of the school as a whole through voices in song. 

Junior choir takes place on Thursday afternoons from 14:00 - 15:00 in the music room. Mrs Searle and Mrs le Roux teach above 30 grade 1-3 girls to sing a lot of fun songs. Starting with Do, Re Me, Ten little Zulu boys and Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar. The learners have loads of fun. Mrs Le Roux plays the piano and together with Mrs Searle teach the children to sing on key and also to pronounce the words correctly whilst singing. More of the songs also have actions which the girls enjoy very much.

The choir will perform at the Grandparents Tea and at the Cultural Evening. We are always looking for more children to join the junior choir.

Mrs D Stuart (Junior) and Mr T Tshale (senior)

Our senior choir comes out on top at SASCE (click to read more)

Our Mini-cricket and senior teams have done very well this season. We are extremely proud of how our cricketers play and conduct themselves during away matches.

With IPL and Twenty20 cricket very much a part of the South African sports scene, we look forward to seeing some of our boys showing their talent on the international pitch one day!

Cricket is a fast growing sport at Edenglen Primary. At this stage we field two teams per age group at the Southern Gauteng League. We are grateful to have a number of qualified coaches and umpires at our school.

Mr S Debipersad (senior cricket) and Ms R Auckland (mini cricket)

   Cricketing prowess recongnised (click to read more)

Senior dancing

For one afternoon a week, a group of eager pupils meet to share a common interest...their love for dancing. This popular extra mural not only allows pupils to express themselves through song and movement but also allows those who are not sport-inclined, to join a 'team' and have fun.

Senior dancing includes a culmination of all dance styles and over the past six years, our dancers have performed routines influenced by Hip-Hop, Free Style, Crump, Kwaito, Ballet and even Cheerleading. The Dance Team enters the Lethabong Eisteddfod annually and aims to achieve an A++ aggregate in the in the Song and Movement category each year. Senior Dancing takes place in Term 2 and 3 only and is open to all Grade 6 boys and girls.  

Junior dancing

The grade 1-3 learners practice on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Any learners can partake in dancing. It gives the children who are not 'sporty' a chance to participate in a school activity.

They will be participating in the Cultural Evening. The children love to dance, let go and have fun.

Mrs D Lospoto

Eisteddfod encourages learners to explore language in the activity of constructing poetry. They learn the fundamentals of Performing Arts, with aspects like vocal projection, tone, communication and body language. Learners come to enjoy expressing themselves.

Eisteddfod practice takes place in the teacher’s classrooms during term 2 and term 3. Various competitions and meets are held throughout the terms in which learners prepare poetry pieces and learners from other schools meet to present their poetry.

Mrs S Eksteen

Click here to view our results - well done from the oustanding achievements from our learners.


Hockey is a team sport enjoyed by all learners from grade 1 to grade 7. We accommodate as many learners as possible to teach them needed skills, teamwork, good sportsmanship and to have fun. All our coaches are dedicated and passionate about the sport. We play matches once a week.

Our grade 7 boys and girls have an opportunity to participate in the Jeppe's tournament where they get to play on astroturf.

We host interhouse hockey where learners have a chance to compete against their peers. This day is always filled with fun and excitement.

Mrs F Helwick

Hockey Edenglen Primary

Learners are invited to make use of our modern and resourceful media centre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

They are able to extend their IT skills and make use of resources in order to research topics of interest and needed information for scholarly purposes. Developments of IT skills are assisted by the Knowledge Network Progressive Learning Programme, and learners are able to explore reliable sources to prepare for projects and assessments.

Mrs A Dos Santos

Being one of our main competitive sports, netball is always a highlight at Edenglen Primary. This years Netball season will again be a fun, friendly & exciting one. Our girls participate in a Netball tournament at Holy Rosary School, where they have the opportunity to interact with & compete against other schools.

Netball takes place in the 2nd term and offered to all grades. Trials done before the season are done to determine teams for the matches.

Ms M Peterson and Ms L Verwey (senior netball)
Mrs T Gough (mini netball)

Having fun and growing together (click to read more)

New skills put to use in tournament (click to read more)

Percussion band practice runs from 14:00 to 15:00 in the Auditorium on Tuesday afternoons. Mrs Searle conducts the band while Mrs Stuart accompanies on the piano. We are leaning new songs this year - How much is that doggy in the window? and English Country Garden are two of the new songs that we are learning to play.

We use Xylophones, Tambourines, Triangles, Maraccas and wooden blocks to create a symphony of music.

There is a group of grade 7 boys (Tyrese, Jordan, Motshwane, Senn and Bryce) who are very eager percussionists and practice daily in admin periods. The Xylophone players need to memorise the music first before we can add the other instruments.

Being part of the percussion band is a team effort, individually we sound silly, but when we all play the song together it sounds great! We will be performing at the Grandparents Tea and at the Cultural Evening later ths year.

Mrs M Searle

percussion band Edenglenpercussion band Edenglepercussion band

Rugby started at Edenglen in 2010 and is growing rapidly! We accommodate U13, U12 and U11 teams with trained and dedicated coaches. Not only does the sport provide adequate fitness and excercise, but the boys learn about sporting discipline, teamwork and technique. Safety with regards to tackling, scrumming and other aspects of the game is contantly emphasised to the learners, necessary for the full contact demands of the sport. The boys come in the masses to practices held in the 3rd term, with matches on Saturday mornings.

Ms J Friend


Soccer season is enjoyed by all during Term 2. Our boys and girls are very enthusiastic about learning ball skills and ball control. Even at this tender age, they have aspirations of one day playing in the "Big Team" and earning millions.

Mr S Debipersad

Mini soccer

Our little stars arrive in the masses, to learn the basics of soccer involving gameplay and rules. They enjoying the variety of tasks, drills and training games to develop their skills and technique.

We were very fortunate that one of our dads, Julian Peele, volunteered to train our little boys. They are very keen and have learnt some valuable skills.

All players are given chances weekly to play in matches and develop experience. Practices are open to all and held on Thursdays with matches on Fridays.

Mrs M O'Dougherty

Speech & Drama is a fun and interactive extra-mural offered to all grades. Practise is held weekly and our learners have the chance to perform in front of large audiences.

A highlight is the Annual Lethabo Festival in which our young performers participate during the third term.

Through activities such as theatre sports, fun games, choral verse and poetry, our learners are given opportunities to develop self-confidence, teamwork and of course have loads of fun in the process!

Ms L Verwey  

Our swimming team are enthusiastic and very competitive. They practise hard and their strong team spirit is evident at our school galas.

Training is held on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 14h15 to 15h00 at the Edenvale Municipal Pool and exciting local galas are held every Friday and once a year, we also participate in a friendly inter-school evening gala at Bedfordview Primary School.

Thank you to all the supportive parents who help with transport... without you swimming at Edenglen Primary would not be the success that it is.

Mrs M O'Dougherty