Fundraising & Events



Our school relies on parental support to make our fundraising initiatives a success. We believe it is important to give parents involved with the school the opportunity to positively affect it. Involment from all bodies regarding our school, be it parents, teachers and learners, are encouraged to work with one another.

Our fundraising revolves around exciting and enjoyable events for all. Dress up days like themed civvies and carreers day allow learners to visually express their intrapersonal uniqueness. The Grade 7 learners recently held a market day in order to display and practice their entrepreneurial skills learnt in Economic Management Sciences, where learners from the rest of the school enjoyed bargaining for special deals throughout the day. (click here to see more of our latest events).

Our recent events Date Night, The Funky Walk and The Barnyard Theatre Night were aimed at providing families a fun time to spend together. To see the action follow the links below:

Inflatables Day is another "big hit" as learners enjoy a day of jumping castles, horse rides, foam pits and stalls to celebrate the end of their hard work. Other events include the pacey Soap Box Derby, Disco Day and Edenglen Golf Day.

The money raised from our events have helped to fund the availablity of teaching aids and resources as well as help run the school up to exceptional standards. We thank the Edenglen Primary Parents Association team for their hard work and long hours put in to support our school.

           Soap Box Derby                             Theme Dress Up

Please contact the office
for more information or if you wish to become more involved and can help in any way.