We pride ourselves in not only our excellent standard of education but also our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, who are always striving to improve the standards within our school.


Ms Heather Broodryk


Miss Broodryk served as Deputy Principal for eight years before being appointed Principal of Edenglen Primary School. She is eager to continue with the good tradition of maintaining high standards, no matter what sphere, throughout the school. Her motivation is the fantastic teachers she works with and their positive attitude and zest for life, not to mention each and every child who plays such an indispensable part in the school.

Mr Gerrie van der Linde

Deputy Principal

Mr van der Linde started as a learnership at Edenglen Primary and is a gifted Mathematics teacher. He believes in our youth and is excited at what they can and have already achieved. Under his guidance, the learners can only go from strength to strength.

Mrs Enicah Kunene            Deputy Principal

Mrs. Kunene has been teaching at Edenglen Primary for more than three years. Her aim when she became a teacher was - and still is - to make a difference. It gives her great pleasure to see a child believe in her or himself. Her dream for education is to have quality education no matter what the socio-economic status. She is a teacher that will not quit - even if her shoes give up on her (she mostly wears heels).

Ms Auckland-Dry

Head Of Department (Foundation Phase)

Ms Auckland-Dry is a firm believer that every child has a unique and special potential that needs to be uncovered and made into something beautiful. As Head of Department, overseeing our support classes and Grades 1-3. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of teachers and children and believes that if children love school, she has achieved an important goal in helping the child to reach self-actualisation.

Mrs Iris Mnisi

Head of Department (Intermediate Phase)

Mrs Mnisi is a long-serving staff member at Edenglen Primary School. She is a subject specialist and has a passion for teaching Social Sciences and Life Skills, as this can prepare our learners for life beyond school. She is a devoted mother of four children and uses these skills to connect with our learners. Her dry sense of humour and pragmatic approach has endeared her to many.

Mrs Sanet Eksteen

Head of Department (Intermediate Phase)

Mrs Eksteen has been at the school for many years. She is a fan of the cultural arts and is active in promoting participation in this area. She regularly undertakes professional development activities so that she can improve her knowledge and understanding about education. Her knowledge is clearly practised in the classroom as learners love being in her class.

Support staff

Grade 1

Francis Helwick
Chantelle Wilson
Danel Fouche
Atri Dos Santos
Dianne Stuart
Jennifer Conry
Thabang Tshale
Deliwe Mahlangu
Yushene Rajkuar
Candice van der Merwe
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Kate Russell
Maria Efthimiades
Christine Coetzer
Monique Catanho
Lorraine Lourens
Jaqui Keating
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Grade 2

Lindy Botes
Holly van Jaarsveldt
Terri Gough
Rebecca Auckland
Susan Ndzuke
Shannon Coote
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Grade 3

Monique Corbett
Natalie Picoto Gr3
Dimitria Parpottas Gr3
Shanice Kinnear 2
Lezel Ferreira
Nadia Homan
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Grade 4

Roshanah Chalklen
Paige Donnelly
Sanet Eksteen (HOD)
Chantelle Wilson
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Grade 5

Cayla Scrooby
Riana Korner
Meghan Van Niekerk
Ann Hodkin
Roshanah Chalklen
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Bianca Branthwaite
Jelena Adamovic
Kerry-Lynn MacFarlane
Corlia Vorster
Lizelle van der Linde
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Grade 6

Paige Donnelly
Cassidy Meredith
Salesh Debipersad
Tamsyn Locke
Francis Helwick
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Grade 7

Tamsyn Locke
Curtis Smit
Megan Taylor
Charmain Studer
Charmain Botha
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Curtis Smit
Lee Ncube
Clive Patterson
Genevieve Shing
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Elana Du Rand
Zakhona Dumakude
Rachel pretorius
Taznia Naidoo
Vicky Parker
Stascia-Anna Meldau
Sarah-Lee King
Lauren Jones
Paballo Mananyetso
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Jennifer Irving
Debrah Kupsamy
Rubby Mohlala
Megan Santiero
Makhosi Ncube
Terry Thompson
Patience Phiri
Bridget Matsoane
Diane Kruger
Meisie Mohlala
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Ground staff

Dave Bellamy
Greg Webster
Gloria Mothiba
Amos Nhlebela
Samson Sithole
Sara Nkosi
Tshepo Seanego
Saraphine Nkosi
Piet Maseko
Patricia Sikonde
Moses Mavuso
Andries Mavuso
Ncedile Mbangata
Fezekile Mkhuzo
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