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Easter Bunny and the Boss

Date Night 2018

Inflatable Day 2018

Valentines Disco 2018

Scholar patrol

We received complaints about traffic in the mornings so as a staff, we became "traffic officers" in our school tracksuits to monitor the cars and help our little ones cross the road safely. Great fun was had by all.


Teacher fun

Netball tour

Our newly built 'Garden of Remembrance'

Fun at Edenglen

Seniors Fun Day 2018

Inflatable Day 2018

Grade 7 Farewell Dinner

Mother's Day 2018

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Father's Day 2018

Funky walk 2018

De Backery easter bunny raffle

When the Parents’ Association launched the first Funky Walk in 2017, no one could guess that it would be the start of a great tradition at Edenglen Primary School. Whilst many schools host an annual “Big Walk”, the PA wanted a walk with a difference – a walk that would encourage families to spend time together and interact with one another in a spirit of community building. This year, on Saturday 3 February, the PA surpassed even its own expectations by selling a whopping 1 200 tickets to the event!

Parents and children alike rose to the challenge and dressed in whatever funky, super hero outfit they could find. Those who were more sedate in nature were content just to participate in the 5km walk, whilst the more athletically minded decided to sprint in record time. Even the teachers led by example, with the water points manned (or should we also say womanned?) by staff in funky super hero costumes!

The Funky Walk really did prove to be a community project. As soon as we sold our 1 000th ticket, organisers had to move fast to arrange ambulances on standby on the field, as per municipal regulations. Eager to contribute towards the festive atmosphere and to ensure that the day would not be marred by any unforeseen injuries or calamities, not one but three ambulances came to our rescue to stand guard at the Finish Line. Fortunately, their services were not required, but we went the extra mile to make sure that nothing was left to chance.

After an exuberant race to the end, many families stayed behind to recharge their batteries and feast on tasty food like Prego rolls, boerewors rolls, hamburgers and hotdogs. Spot prizes were given to those who had entered the race and the fun continued long after the race had ended.

To all the PA members who organised the Funky Walk, kudos to you for a superb event and a big thank you to the teachers for working from 06:30 until the race had ended. To the parents, children and community members who participated in this event, we extend a special word of appreciation for making the day such a huge success. Roll on 2019 – we can’t wait to see what a fantastic event the next Funky Walk will be!

Easter Raffle Winners:

                1st Prize – Molemo Mphuthi

                2nd Prize – Julie McAdam

                3rd Prize – Awande Mahlobo

Child who raised the most money – Antony Kirk

Class that raised the most money will be announced on 12 April and will receive a pizza lunch.


A big thank you to our Easter Egg Hunt sponsors, Karaglen Superspar and Birchgate Spar – the learners had a ball searching the school grounds for the eggs.

We would also like to extend a big thank you to the PA – all the parent and the partners of the PA who give up precious time to make events successful and fun for everyone. Thank you for all your efforts, the events have been enjoyed by all.

Grade 7 Career Day 2018

Awards 2018

Foundation Phase Awards 2018

Intersen Phase Awards 2018

Grade 7 Kwalata 2018

The EPS 40th Birthday Party

Grade 1 Orientation

Art Exhibition 2018

Science Scufflers

First day at school

After a restless night and much tossing and turning, it was time to hand out the tissues, fix the appearance and get ready for the first day in Grade One – and that was just for the parents!

The first day in Grade One proved to be an exciting event for most of our learners. The children were excited to meet their teachers for the first time and to see where they would sit. Of course, most importantly, they couldn’t wait to see what their lunch boxes contained!

New friendships were forged over sandwiches and tasty delights which had been packed for this special day. Fears overcome, there was much fun to be had as boys and girls played together on the jungle gym and told their new friends all about themselves. After handing in books and stationery, some children went on a tour of the school and were shown two of the most important places in a school – the toilets and the tuck shop. Then it was back to some fun learning and before you knew it, the bell had rung and it was time to go home.

Only one more sleep before the fun would begin all over again!

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