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Edenglen Primary School is a distinguished public school situated in the heart of Edenglen, Johannesburg.

We are an English medium, co-educational primary school operating as part of the Gauteng Department of Education.

Our proud history

School photo - netball view.jpg

Edenglen Primary welcomed its first learners in 1978. We had just eight teachers and a single secretary, ably led by Principal

SW Kieser. Since building of the Senior block was still underway, the student body was comprised of Grades 1 through 3 learners. Soccer and Netball were played, albeit with great enthusiasm, in the car park.

Just a year later in January 1979, classes for Grade 4 to Grade 7 commenced with a full staff complement. Pupils wore the new school uniform with pride for the first time. The Edenvale Sports Club was commandeered to play sport. By the time the school was officially opened on 17 August 1979 by the Director of Education,

Professor Dr JH Jooste, it was already full to capacity. The immigrant class was at the back of the hall and one Grade 1 class accommodated on the stage.

By 1981, the school had grown enough to warrant the appointment of two heads of department. The following year was a big year for our sports programme: our long-awaited sports field was levelled, and grass planted. The netball fields and tennis courts were likewise completed. Shortly thereafter, for the first time in the then Transvaal, a Primary Soccer School Team, consisting of 22 boys, toured to the UK and Europe.

Over the past three decades, the school has flourished. A Resource Centre was opened in 2005, as envisioned by past principal Mrs Rademan. An Art Room, Music Room and a Crèche have since been added, creating an even more nurturing environment for our learners – who remain our most treasured assets.

That first intake of 252 children has grown to a current enrollment of over 1 300 children. Edenglen Primary continues to attract a high calibre of staff and has become a sought-after institution of learning by its surrounding community.

Our vision and mission

Our School Prayer:

I shall pass through this world but once.

Any good that I can do or any kindness I can show

to any human being or animal, let me do it now.

Let me not defer or neglect it

for I shall not pass this way again.

We regard our school as a large family in which every single member connected to the school is important. We work to create a friendly, happy atmosphere in our school, where pupils are loved and encouraged to develop intellectually, spiritually, morally, socially,

and physically.

  1. To strive to provide the best education possible.

  2. To cultivate an atmosphere of mutual respect.

  3. To work together as a team, i.e. the educators, parents, learners, the community, and the Gauteng Education Department.

  4. To assist those learners who are in need of extra attention, i.e. remedial and feeding schemes, etc.

  5. To maintain good discipline so as to ensure that no unwarranted disruption of academic or extra-curricular activities takes place.

  6. To inculcate pride in school and its standing in the community.

  7. To put into practice our School Prayer and School Motto: ‘Knowledge for Life’.

Edenglen has pupils from many different backgrounds; however, we stress that all people are of one race: ‘The Human Race’.


Our school Motto 'KNOWLEDGE FOR LIFE' supports this attitude, and encourages an environment in which self-esteem, independence, responsibility, and tolerance can grow and thrive.

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