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At Edenglen Primary School, we believe in the holistic education of learners. We also believe that preparing children to take on a meaningful role in society in the years to come means taking the time to assist each learner reach his or her full potential in all areas of school life.

With our modern and reliable resource facilities and a wide educational infrastructure, Edenglen provides learners an idea base from which they can explore – and realise - their full potential.


Academics remains one of our most important priorities. We teach strictly according to the curricular policy and prescriptions of the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS Curriculum).

Formal assessment tasks, as captured in the CAPS curriculum, are done regularly and learners receive a formal assessment plan each term.  These assessments, calculated according to the Departmental 1 to 7 -point scale, determine the final mark of each subject. 

Meanwhile, continuous informal assessment takes place daily according to various assessment strategies in preparation for formal assessment tasks.

At the end of Term 2 and Term 4, learners from Grade 4 to 7 also write examinations according to a set examination time table.

Recognition and academic awards are given to those who are placed within the Top Five, and subject awards are also given.

Learner support

Assisting us to support learners experiencing learning difficulties are a number of specialist within our immediate community. We refer learners to credible speech therapists, occupational therapists, and remedial therapists.

We also have a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, and a remedial therapist who work on the school premises twice a week. This means therapy can be built into the learners’ school day. It also allows teachers and therapists to work more closely together, ensuring maximum benefit from the support programme.

Should a learner require any of the above therapies, an assessment is carried out. Based on the outcome, an appropriate intervention programme is put into place. Where possible, this is incorporated into the classroom by the teacher. There may, however, be a need for the parent or guardian to take the child for additional therapy, which would be for the cost of the parent. Above all, parental involvement is the biggest support needed.

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