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Extra-curricular activities at Edenglen Primary are exactly that -  an invaluable extension of the curriculum and the educational experience we aim to provide. While not compulsory, participation is strongly encouraged, and a majority of our pupils are involved in one or more activity.


All learners are invited to take part in Athletics. Interhouse? Learners have the opportunity to excel during the athletics season Which is when? by taking part in interschool Athletics meetings.


Choir is offered year-round to our Juniors (Grade 1 to Grade 3) and to our Seniors (Grade 4 to Grade 7). This is carried out by qualified music teachers at our school, who work to ensure that when the stage lights go on the quality of our choirs is outstanding.

Both choir groups work towards competing in the annual Eisteddfod and various other events where their talents can be showcased. 

Cross Country

Interested learners take on various cross-country trails as they work towards representing their District at the end of the season which is when? This activity is offered from U9 and is limited to U13 participation. Please clarify? Do only the U13s compete formally?



Mini Cricket is offered to Grade 1 and Grade 2 learners. Our aim at this level is developing critical motor skills and a basic knowledge of the game of cricket.  Players get the chance to show off their skills at Mini Cricket matches, which take place on Saturday mornings at various venues during Term 1. 

Senior Cricket is offered to Grade 3 and Grade 4 learners.  In higher grades like Grade 5-7 strategic play and improvement of skill becomes the focus and coaching becomes more technical.  Cricket teams play 20-Over matches during the week against schools in and around the Edenvale area.



Dance is offered only to our Grade 3 group on a voluntary basis to those learners who have some ‘slick moves’ to show off for the Eisteddfod.  Learners are coached throughout Term 2 in preparation for competition in Term 3. There is much fun to be had here!


The National Eisteddfod of South Africa is the biggest cultural competition for school learners in the country. It offers various opportunities for performers in all communities to showcase and develop their talent in music, dance, theatre, and fine arts. Staged during the third term, the Eisteddfod has become a highlight for learners participating in the Arts, including English poetry, Drama, Afrikaans Poetry, Drama, Group Dancing for Grade 3, Speekkoor for Grade 4 and Grade 5; as well as Vocal Categories for Senior and Junior Choir, and Art Grade 1 – 7.

Preparation and practice for these activities take place during Term 2, with various groups and individuals competing at organised Eisteddfod competitions during Term 3.


Grade 1 - Grade 3 learners are offered Hockey on a smaller scale than the older grades. These learners are given the opportunity to learn the basic skills and principles of the game while competing against other schools and playing their matches on a smaller field space than normal. 

As learners progress and improve upon their Hockey skills, field space is increased, until they are introduced to full field Hockey by the time they reach Grade 7.


Our beautiful Media and Resource Centre is stocked with the latest book titles, both fiction and non-fiction. It’s also equipped with individual work stations, which are popular with learners and teachers for accessing the Internet for research.

Our very own Media Centre teacher, Mrs Dos Santos, presents courses on how to use the Media Centre effectively and how to encourage reading programmes to teachers from other schools.

Netball and Mini Netball

During the summer season, Grade 1 -3 learners take part in Mini Netball as an introduction to the sport. Grade 4 - Grade 7 girls are then coached in advanced Netball skills. All teams compete against schools in and around the Edenvale area, giving all participants an opportunity to hone their match skills in a competitive environment.


Rugby is offered to Grade 4 - 7 learners on a competitive level where players get to face off against other schools in a rugby league. To ensure the safety of all learners taking part in the sport, all coaches are Boksmart Certified and World Rugby Qualified. Before they are able to join rugby in their grade 4 year, Grade 3 learners receive a crucial introduction to the basics of the sport as well as safe practice during play.


Soccer is a crowd-pleaser at our school, with all learners from Grade 1 - 7 joining in on the fun. There is provision for a girls team and the Sports Co-ordinator is hard at work to get this going.

Grade 1 - 3 learners enjoy playing soccer on a smaller format than the older age groups. Once again this allows them to get used to the basic skill requirements of the game before it becomes competitive in the older age groups.


For those learners who prefer to enjoy some competition indoors we have chess. Learners take part in Term 1, 2 and 3 from grades 2 - 7.

Speech & Drama

For those learners more dramatically inclined, our Speech & Drama Club is the perfect platform for the development of that star quality and stage presence. Learners take part in Term 3 competitions at the Eisteddfod.

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