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School fees

As Edenglen Primary is a fee-paying school, school fees are COMPULSORY and are determined each year by the Governing Body.

School Fees for 2024 are R 25 377.00 per annum for current learners (Grade 1 - 7: R 2 307.00 over 11 months). 

These are payable monthly in advance, unless there is prior written confirmation of an alternate agreement. Parents with severe financial difficulties are encouraged to make an appointment with the Principal or the credit controller to discuss the matter in private so that suitable arrangements can be made. 


A 10% discount is offered to those parents who pay the full amount for the year in advance before 31 January 2024.





Please note that cheques will not be accepted.

EFT/direct deposits

Should you prefer to make a direct payment into the school account, kindly provide proof of payment for our records, so that we can allocate your payment correctly on our system.

Proof of payment can be emailed to for the attention of:

Mrs L Hagemeier

Banking details

Account Name: Edenglen Primary School

Bank: First National Bank

Branch: Greenstone

Branch Code: 201 510

Account Number:  6209 2777 683


To ensure your payment is captured correctly, please include your REFERENCE NUMBER (the number which appears on your statement). If you cannot remember your reference number, kindly phone the office  for the correct reference number. Alternatively, kindly include your child’s surname, name, and grade, in clear print.



For those who genuinely cannot pay school fees, there are subsidies available. Documentary proof of salary and an IRA 34, etc will be required to support a request for a subsidy. All subsidy requests must be applied for before the end of February each year.  The onus is on the Parent to collect a subsidy form from the office and ensure this is completed and handed in at the office for consideration. (Subsidies are subject to renewal at the start of each school year).

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