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We pride ourselves in not only our excellent standard of education but also our dedicated and enthusiastic staff, who are always striving to improve the standards within our school. Please note that we are working on updating this section of our website.


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Ms Heather Broodryk


Serving as the Principal of Edenglen Primary School for a few years now,

Ms Broodryk, is eager to continue with the good tradition of maintaining high standards, no matter what sphere, throughout the school.

Her motivation is the fantastic teachers she works with and their positive attitudes and zest for life, not to mention each and every child who plays such an indispensable part in the school.

Rebecca Auckland.JPG

Ms Auckland

Deputy Principal

Ms Auckland is a firm believer that every child has a unique and special potential that needs to be uncovered and made into something beautiful. She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of teachers and children and believes that if children love school, she has achieved an important goal in helping the child to reach self-actualisation.

Sanet Ecksteen.JPG

Mrs Sanet Eksteen

Departmental Head (Intermediate Phase)

Mrs Eksteen has been at the school for many years. She is a fan of the cultural arts and is active in promoting participation in this area. She regularly undertakes professional development activities so that she can improve her knowledge and understanding about education. Her knowledge is clearly practised in the classroom as learners love being in her class.

Corlia Vorster.JPG

Mrs Corlia Vorster

Departmental Head (Grade 5)

Mrs Vorster believes that every child has the ability to achieve success. 

She constantly strives to empower teachers and learners, and provide them with opportunities to reach their full potential. 

Together we attain "Knowledge for Life". 

Iris Mnisi.JPG

Mrs Iris Mnisi

Departmental Head (Intermediate Phase)

Mrs Mnisi is a long-serving staff member at Edenglen Primary School. She is a subject specialist and has a passion for teaching Social Sciences and Life Skills, as this can prepare our learners for life beyond school. She is a devoted mother of four children and uses these skills to connect with our learners. Her dry sense of humour and pragmatic approach has endeared her to many.

Louise North.JPG

Ms Louise North

Departmental Head (Foundation Phase)

Ms North has joined our team at Edenglen Primary School with a spirit of compassion and love for the teaching fraternity. She advocates kindness, firmly believing that respect, tolerance and acceptance emanates from it. Based on this foundation, she seeks to aspire our learners to lead a life of significance and purpose. 

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