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"We can change the worldand make it a better is in your hands tomake a difference."

Nelson Mandela

In the spirit of Nelson Mandela, we would like to participate as a school in a Mandela Day Drive.

These are the two worthy projects that we have decided to endorse this year.

The first involves donating a carton of fat-free long-life milk which is use to feed orphaned baby rhinos.

South Africa is blessed to have these magnificent creatures, but illegal rhino poaching has caused catastrophic

results for the rhino population, which is facing constant depletion because of poaching. You may donate as

many cartons as you like, so long as it is fat-free long-life milk which is easier for the baby rhinos to digest.

The second project involves collection donations for the SPCA. As all are aware the SPCA is always in need of food, blankets and funds especially with the ever-growing number of surrendered animals and the number of pets not sterilised. You may donate funds to the school, food or blankets. Any form of donation and fund raising makes a huge difference to the SPCA's ability to care for the animal and makes a difference in the community. 


During the third term we will be handing over all our donations to the chosen charities and we know that they will appreciate any heartfelt gesture made to them. 

The aim of this initiative is two-fold. Firstly, we would like to make the children aware that there are people and animals less fortunate than themselves in all aspects of life and that if we are in a position to share a little of what we have, we should. Secondly, we would like to educate them about the different charities. 

Thank you in advance for the support. 

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