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From the Principal’s Desk

‘Best work, best attitude, best behaviour.’


This is the motto we try to instill in our learners as we forge ahead to reach our goals. We are proud to offer such a high standard of education, whether it be in academic, cultural, or sporting spheres. Our school’s performance in competitions like the Maths Olympiad, Science Olympiad, and Science Scuffle indicate that we really do produce our ‘best work’. Teachers also continually give of their best. When it comes to preparing lessons, marking books, or contributing their time and energy to functions after hours, our staff strive to be the best that they can be.

Our ‘best attitude’ is instilled daily. We teach our children to greet all adults on the school premises and to show good manners at all times. ‘Best attitude’ extends to our sporting activities, where we nurture good sportsmanship and values like fair play. It is also demonstrated through self-respect and respect for others. Taking pride in oneself is paramount to self-respect, as is practicing zero tolerance for bullying and fighting. Even respect for the environment is high on our list of priorities as we encourage our learners to be actively involved in cleaning up litter and keeping our school grounds clean.

‘Best behaviour’ starts from the moment that children line up in an orderly manner outside their classrooms, to the time that active learning begins inside the classrooms. Learners are routinely assigned duties that develop a sense of responsibility and independence, thus enabling them to focus and work harmoniously with others. These positive behaviors are encouraged and rewarded so that learners, particularly the older ones, become role models to the younger ones.

So, remember: every day is an opportunity to give your best and be your best. Your future lies in your hands.

Heather Broodryk


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