Leadership programme

Edenglen Primary is committed to developing the leadership potential of all our learners - and teachers.

From Grade 1, children are assigned responsible tasks, like being a tuck or class monitor. These everyday interactions help instil core values such as independence and the willingness to help others. As children move from grade to grade, acknowledgement is given to leaders in the academic, cultural, and sporting spheres.

Sports captains exemplify the spirit of the school, which means celebrating team victories as the accomplishment of the entire group, and accepting defeat with dignity and grace, using every opportunity to grow and improve. Sports matches, and more recently, sports tours, provide our ‘little leaders’ with the opportunity to exercise their talents and display their unique abilities in both formal and informal settings.

Leadership positions are further recognised through tasks such as flag bearing duties, which require constant diligence and dedication, and Media Monitors and Scholar Patrol, which require consistent effort throughout the year.

In Grade 7 those who are able to lead and guide their peers are selected as Prefects, with much prestige attached to the role. Our selection process continues throughout the Grade 7 year, so that learners can better appreciate that developing leadership qualities is a process as opposed to an overnight achievement. Our leaders are also held accountable for how they progress through the challenges they face so that they realise they are part of the wider community which they serve.

Edenglen Primary School is extremely proud of our leaders and the manner in which they represent our school. We are also proud of those who choose to follow positive role models in their day-to-day interactions, for this in itself is a form of quiet and responsible leadership.

To all those who make this positive difference, we salute you! May your journey to greatness continue unbounded!

2019 Prefects

Our prefects for 2019:

Seated in the front left to right:

Deputy Head Girl, India Jardine, Head Girl, Nthati Monamodi, Head Boy, Nthato Monamodi, Deputy Head Boy, Ronan Govender

From left to right from the back row:

Raelene Pillay, Bradley Erasmus, Sudhir Tilakram, Utara Sununan, Gabriela Rodrigues, Shivarya Rampersad, Jordan Skipp, Kevin Flannagen, Connor Lewis, Samuel Greenfield, Neo Thoka, Kiara Basdew, Inga Mfingwana, Mmetlabontle Tantij, Baraka Thiongo, Emmanuel Gitonga, Reece Govender, Warrick Small, Jamie Adkins, Lwandile Thembi, Siyabonga Mkoni, Athenkosi Yekani, Carla Kasala, Yuvana Naidoo, Ashleigh Preston, Ishka Duwarka, Keyuri Premlall, Taybah Peterson, Chelsey Wain, Colby Newman, Ciara Hoffman.

Prefect Camp 2018

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